You have such an interesting band name, how did it come about?

It’s a long story… WE made it up.

You have such an interesting sound, how would you describe it?

50% Neil Diamond, 50% Justin Timberlake, 100% Shark Attack

Who are your major musical influences?

They Might Be Giants, The Presidents of the United States of America, R. Kelly, Andre the Giant, Ween, The California Raisins, Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg Seven

How long have you guys been a band?

How long have YOU been a band?

Are you guys really the self-proclaimed “Band of the Future?”


Are you guys really the inventors of “Mustache Rock?”


Can I be in your band?


Are you guys interested in playing at my little kid’s birthday party?


What else do I need to know about We Wrote the Book on Connectors?


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