Nervous Energy – WEekly Challenge #5

WE first met Nervous Energy many years ago at a gig in Tacoma at Bob’s Java Jive. For those of you unfamiliar with the place, its the dive bar shaped like a giant tea pot. And it is there that Nervous Energy won our hearts, forever.

Unfotunatley, Nervous Energy no longer lives in the area, which also means I no longer have the pleasure of watching him perform his hit song about an asian with a huge penis on a regular basis. He moved to California to pursue a career as a mad scientist. But he still comes to town once in awhile, passing through on his way to performing at the world’s most grandest Devo convention. He is the biggest Devo fan I know.

So with out further ado, here is my song for WEekly Challenge #5, inspired by the greatest one man band of all time, Nervous Energy.

[audio:|titles=Nervous Energy |artists=We Wrote the Book on Connectors]

Nervous Energy salutes you

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