WEekly Challenge # 11 – Raptastic

WEekly Challenge # 11 - Raptastic

What do WE know about RAP?

For all the rap WE KNOW, there don’t exist no rhyme, and though WE GOT THE FLOW, WE ain’t got no time. WE gotta get up early, and WE stayed up late, ‘cus like a nat-u-ral, WE PRO-CRASTI-NATE.

Rap(p) battle fools. It’s on. Finna post results on Monday. Believe dat.

Failure to complete this challenge will result in being forced to sing Rapper’s Delight the next time you do Karoke. A witness will need to verify.

Meanwhiles, you should definitely check in about 2:20 on this mofo right here.

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