Your Head (Put Your Hands On Top Of) – New crowd pumpin’ Jock Jam music from WE

Over the past couple weeks our latest song Your Head (Put Your Hands On Top Of) has taken sport stadiums everywhere by storm. It truly has become a fist pumping phenomenon and is being heralded by fans and Jock Jam critics alike as “the most important Jock Jam of the 21st century”.

Jock Jam Thank You Ma’am Magazine said “It is no longer possible for me to watch the quarterback of my favorite team take a sack and fumble the ball on a decisive third and long play without hearing this masterpiece inside my brain for the next 15 minutes. Absolutely brilliant!”

Rolling Stone has called it “the new Who Let The Dogs Out”.

WE couldn’t agree more. This song is guaranteed to get you pumped!

Weekly Challenge Number 15 - Jock Jams

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