WEekly Challenge #7 -FAIL!!

So I picked this challenge because I’ve been working a lot lately and thought it would be fun. Plus a lot of people identify with work songs.

So, I don’t want to make excuses but I do want to explain why I didn’t finish my song.


I worked 4 days at the Lippman Company, and then spent 2 days doing my first gig as a professional extra for a tv show(I’ll tell you more about that later). Both of the days working on the show were over 13 hour days! I did have Sunday off from work, but Travis and Hollie were in town so we had planned a big BBQ at our house and I was busy cleaning, fixing up the yard, and of course drinking!

So since I didn’t finish my song I am required to volunteer for at least an hour for a good cause. I’ll try to volunteer more than that since an hour doesn’t seem like enough time to really dig in and make a difference. I’ll try to get this done within the next month and I’ll let everybody know how it goes. Does anybody have any good suggestions for where I should volunteer in Portland?

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1 response to: WEekly Challenge #7 -FAIL!!

  1. Debbie B says:

    Local planned parenthood office?
    A nursing home?
    Good for you!

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