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I was never good at sports – WEekly Challenge #15 – FAIL

I’m really sad I wasn’t able to finish this weeks challenge. It was my idea and I thought it would be a fun one. I had an idea and some stuff written, but I just wasn’t able to find the … Continue reading

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WEekly Challenge #7 -FAIL!!

So I picked this challenge because I’ve been working a lot lately and thought it would be fun. Plus a lot of people identify with work songs. So, I don’t want to make excuses but I do want to explain … Continue reading

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WEekly Challenge #3 FAIL!!!!

Let it be known that there are severe consequences for accepting a WEekly challenge and not completing it. Due to a bunch of boring reasons that I choose not to go into at the moment, I failed to complete WEekly … Continue reading

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