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Phoning It In – WEekly Challenge #14 is finally complete

The best way to get out of a song writing rut is to simply just go with the first thing that comes to mind. And when that stops working, just start quoting lines from the movie The Running Man. Trust … Continue reading

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WEekly Challenge #3 FAIL!!!!

Let it be known that there are severe consequences for accepting a WEekly challenge and not completing it. Due to a bunch of boring reasons that I choose not to go into at the moment, I failed to complete WEekly … Continue reading

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WEekly Challenge #3 – Slow Jam

No matter how crazy this world gets, one thing will always remain certain. Everybody loves a good slow jam, especially the ladies. That is why WEekly challenge #3 is to invent a slow jam that will sooth your body, relax … Continue reading

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