WEekly Challenge #3 FAIL!!!!

Let it be known that there are severe consequences for accepting a WEekly challenge and not completing it. Due to a bunch of boring reasons that I choose not to go into at the moment, I failed to complete WEekly Challenge #3, which was to invent a slow jam. To my credit, i got about 70% done. But 70% done is not good enough! Is it?!!!!! No, it is not.

As a result, as stated in the bi-laws of WEekly challenge # 3, I had to buy Kerry a bunch of tacos. In the picutre above you can see Kerry just moments before she is about to feast upon said tacos from La Gloria’s, the finest tacos in all of Bellingham, courtesy of my crapulence.

As you can see, WE are not fucking around here! WE take these WEekly challenges very seriously, and so should you. You have been warned.

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2 responses to: WEekly Challenge #3 FAIL!!!!

  1. Kerry says:

    They tacos were delicious. Thanks MJV!

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