The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents: original music inspired by The Jack Straw Anthology

design by Travis Young

Friday, November 30th, 8pm
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle presents:
original music inspired by
The Jack Straw Anthology
at The Royal Room5000 Rainier Ave South, Seattle, WA 98118
Free Show!, all ages until 10pm, bring the kiddies!

I’m playing this show on Friday!

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is teaming up with Jack Straw Productions to create original music inspired by the Jack Straw supported writers for 2012. Each artist will doing an original piece inspired by a different story from the a Jack Straw 2012 Anthology.

If you haven’t read the Jack Straw anthology yet I suggest you do so now, you can download it here.

For my song I get to be inspired by Stacey Bennetts’ Trial by Error: Confessions of an Eight-Year-Old Drug Smuggler. Wait?! …eight year old drug smuggler… what?! This is gonna get crazy! I suggest you come to the show, see what happens when I get through with this.

The other writer/artist combos for the evening are as follows:

Kathleen Alcalá – Levi Fuller
Gabriela Denise Frank – Joy Mills
Sally Neumann – Debbie Miller
Claudia Rowe – Amanda Sue Winterhalter
Sharon Hashimoto – Aaron Starkey
Johanna Stoberock – Sean Hunting Morse
Mitsu Sundvall – Don Rauf
Nick Wong – Wes Weddell
Stacey Bennetts – Mike Votava (balls)
Kaia Chessen – Michael Owcharuk
Lacey Jane Henson – Cynthia Marie
Carol Light – Scott Adams


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